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We offer a broad range of therapies at the centre to help improve health and reduce stress

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an effective treatment for a range of emotional and relationship problems.


It is a ‘ talking therapy ‘ based upon psychoanalytic thinking, which aims to explore unconscious processes as they influence more conscious thinking and behaviour.


Through the structured relationship with the therapist, it is possible to discover the underlying, less conscious causes of symptoms and patterns of behaviour, which are causing distress.


In the case of bereavement, a person can be helped to manage the process of mourning and the various and sometimes worrying and unexpected emotional states associated with loss.


Psychotherapy involves a regular commitment sometimes over a lengthy period of time and sometimes for short-term focussed work, depending on the needs of the individual.



People in all walks of life experience emotional difficulties from time to time


Some of the problems that can be helped by psychoanalytic psychotherapy are:


·      Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.


·      Feeling anxious, isolated or depressed.


·      Having suffered a bereavement or other forms of loss, recently or

in the past.


·      Experiencing sexual problems.


·      Lack of self-confidence


·      Experiencing physical problems as a result of emotional difficulties.


·      Having difficulties coping with their children.


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