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Marisa Sharp

Group Analytic Psychotherapist. UKCP registered. Memb. IGA, clinical

Marisa has worked with individuals and groups for over 15 years both in in the NHS, with complex mental health needs including Psychosis and Personality disorder, and in the 3rd sector where she is currently a core team member at the Group Therapy Centre in Cambridge.

Individual Therapy

Marisa offers both short and long-term therapy within a safe, non-judgmental and confidential setting.  She is interested in what you bring to the sessions and as time progresses, working in more depth to help you to understand areas of difficulty both emotional and social.

Major life changes and traumatic experience can result in feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to move on. At these times it is important to feel heard and understood. The process of talking and having a chance to reflect and work through the emotions that arise can facilitate growth and a new sense of self and purpose.

Group Therapy

A group is a place where you can share the narrative of your lives, your past, your present and your hopes for the future. The groups Marisa runs are open to adults of any age, gender or ethnicity.

As well as long-term mental health problems including Anxiety, Depression and responses to traumatic experience, Group Psychotherapy can be helpful in coming to terms with life changing circumstances for example divorce, redundancy, retirement and bereavement. Difficulties can emerge at any stage of life, for example young adults returning from University unsure of where their future lies.

Membership of the group is not time limited. This allows an opportunity to reflect on how the group members were shaped by their families and the society they grew up in. In time the knowledge each gains of each other will help to feed back a more honest and realistic experience of how one is perceived by others which can be very helpful in changing the negative self-image which many people hold.

Importantly, through the process of belonging to the group and the gaining and giving of support, insight and camaraderie you no longer have to face your challenges on your own.

A group is a place where change happens, perhaps in your relationships, perhaps in your personal circumstances and with the support that Therapy Groups offer, people regain a sense of autonomy a new ‘sense of self’ which can aid the process of reconnecting with relationships and activities outside of the group.



Group Analytic Psychotherapist. UKCP registered. Memb. IGA, clinical


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