Covid 19 Procedure



These procedures are for The Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre and are in accordance with the Government guidelines for small businesses and contact centres, and NHS advice.   In addition, the Centre adheres to the NHS Test and Trace procedure, please see link below.

Maintaining social distancing at work

You should ideally stay 2m (6ft) apart, but if that’s not possible, you can stay 1m (3ft) apart with extra precautions such as face coverings and not sitting face-to-face.

A screen will be in place on the reception desk, and couch roll cover on the office chair. We have put plastic chairs in reception, spaced apart.

Only one client to sit in the waiting area at any one time, or in another empty therapy room.

No magazines or leaflets in reception. The sale of goods has been suspended until a review in January.

Therapists will book their own appointments and take payments from their clients.

Activity time to be kept as short as possible, allowing clients and therapists to move in and out of the building ensuring social distancing is adhered to.

The therapists and receptionist will limit the number of clients in the building at any one time by staggering appointment times for different therapists. We will also ensure that people are aware of who’s entering and exiting the building, by the front door. We will request clients to wait in their cars until their appointment time.

At the end of each appointment, the therapist will ensure that the hallway is clear before the client can leave the centre.

The therapists and receptionist will reduce the number of people in the Centre, by requesting that clients, staff and therapists should not have family members with them. If a client needs assistance, their companion can sit in reception or an empty therapy room.

Therapists and receptionist to bring their own water and food.

Signs will be displayed in all spaces of the building reminding people to social distance. We will explain to clients on the website/emails or over the phone, about the changes and the new measures at the Centre. This will be a separate document, that we send out to clients when they make an appointment.

See Document :Information we give to clients when booking their appointments at the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre.

Therapists will have their own consent forms which they will need the client to sign either online or when they come for their appointment, these will be in line with their registering bodies.


Increase the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning

We will all hand wash when we first come into the Centre, receptionist, therapists and clients. And as frequently as we need to throughout the day.

Receptionist to surface clean the communal areas of the building including toilets on a frequent basis. The Centre to provide gloves for these tasks.

Therapists to clean and ventilate their treatment rooms after each client, as per guidelines from their registering bodies.

Cleaning materials will be provided for staff and therapists to use.

We will limit the use of high touch items, such as printers, microwaves etc. The Centre phone only to be used by reception staff.

We will ensure that the Centre has a deep clean before we reopen and that the water supply is safe.

Signs will be displayed requesting people to wash their hand frequently and for 20 seconds as per NHS guidelines.

Hand sanitisers will also be available at the entrance to the Centre with signs, requesting people to use them on entering and exiting the building.

Proper waste facilities will be provided in the therapy rooms and kitchen.

We will make sure we always have a good supply of couch roll for therapists to buy and for us to put on furniture etc.

Every therapy room will have plastic or wipeable furniture and couches as well as wipeable pillows, in order to maintain strict hygiene standards.

Therapists and reception staff will ensure that the building including the therapy rooms are well ventilated to enable us to comply with government guidelines for ventilation in contact centres.


Face masks

Therapists will provide and wear their own PPE kit, which will be in line with their individual governing bodies. Therapists will be responsible for the disposal of their own PPE kit and couch roll.

Clients to provide their own facemasks and wear them when they visit the Centre. Receptionist and therapists to remind clients when they book an appointment.

We will keep an emergency supply for people who come into reception without a face mask.


Reduce contact with outside agencies

In future the Centre will not accept goods on behalf of therapists who work at the Centre.

If the Centre has deliveries, we will request them to be placed outside the back door.


To set up clear areas of responsibility between the Centre, Receptionists, Therapists and Clients

Reception and therapists will inform clients of the changes to the Centre as a result of Covid 19.  This will be by phone, email or on the Centre’s website. A consent form from the therapist, will be required for clients to read and sign before attending their appointment.

Receptionist will email an information leaflet to remind clients about what they will need to do when they come to the Centre. We can let clients know over the phone or by post if they don’t have an email address.

The information would request clients to wait in their car, until their appointment time and go straight through to the therapy room, rather than waiting in reception. To use the hand sanitisers, on entering and exiting the building and to wash their hands for 20 seconds before they see their therapist. To bring their own water, pen and mask with them.

We would also include a series of questions asking clients if they are experiencing any Covid 19 symptoms. If so we would cancel their appointment.

We will request that clients inform us if they develop symptoms of Covid 19 up to 14 days after being at the Centre, so that we can inform all those who attended the Centre on that day. We would advise the client what to do in the event that they develop symptoms as per NHS guidelines.

Payment from the client will be taken by the therapist by contactless card machine or bank transfer and the therapist will also rebook the client’s next appointment.

This will be set out in a separate document entitled:

Information you must read before you come to the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre.



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