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A few thoughts from our Reflexologist, Judy Mostert

April 01st, 2020

I’m just a normal person and don’t want to get in to the whole politics or prophecy of the world, I also don’t write blogs! yet today I feel I have something to say… I have just been out on my once a day exercise with my dog, and can’t help but feel this Virus is trying to tell us something…


People and children are respecting social distancing but smiling, I am seeing families together who would not normally be together on a average Tuesday in March, again smiling.


Although I am feeling under pressure to find something for my 16yr old to do as she has no purpose for revising due to the cancellation of exams, I’m very proud of how her and her boyfriend and many other teenagers who are mature enough to know that staying away from each other has to be done! ( can you remember being 16?)


I’m keen for my 12yr to keep up her curriculum but you know I’m rather liking the cookies that she has found a recipe for even though it was self raising flour because that is all we have left in the house, it’s a positive!


I feel under pressure for becoming newly self employed l should be building my business up and I keep saying to myself “ I won’t get this time again, I must learn new skills and do something to ensure I still have a business to grow” but actually today I am just taking a breath and enjoying all the rainbow 🌈 pictures people have drawn.


Which led me on to a thought, we nearly all decorate our houses for Christmas inside and out, maybe we could find a white, silver, green or even red ribbon and hang it on our doors or an area of our property or business premises to show appreciation for, the NHS, care workers, supermarket workers, postman, delivery drivers, Police, armed forces the government who, like them or not, are trying there hardest to get this right for everybody and even for ourselves, to show appreciation to the community and wider world that we are all in this together and it might just cheer on everybody that we are all behind each other and will get through it all. I’m not normally one to put myself out there on a social media platform or any other medium but what do you think?


Judy Mostert







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