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A few words of wisdom at Christmas from our Louise Nightingale………..

December 13th, 2018


As we approach the festive season with perhaps more eating, drinking and general merriment than normal (and rightly so), it’s a good idea to keep your regular exercise going as much as possible.


Of course time is very precious and more than ever we feel there are not enough hours in the day. I have a saying for my clients which is ‘You can’t make time but you can find it’. Without sounding terribly sanctimonious this is true but you might need to alter the usual timing of your Swim, Pilates, Run, Walk etc due to all the other things on your to do list and insufficient hours in the day.


However make time for you. I find it really useful to break up the usual hour I would spend on myself doing my Pilates to two half hour sessions. For some reason in a day it seems more feasible to find two smaller chunks of time than one larger. Even 10 minutes helps. Remember that this is not just about your physical well-being it’s about your emotional one too. Christmas stirs up lots of different emotions, physical travel, financial spend to name but a few.


If you are planning to travel to friends and family, try to stretch well and move on those long journeys. When you stop and get out of the car, do some lovely forward and side bends to release tightness. If you are the driver your poor Hamstrings may feel tight after sitting and driving. Stand and regularly stretch as soon as you stop and once you get to your location don’t sit straight down. Stand up for a while with your cuppa (or stronger). Have a walk, fresh air and a good stretch. Involve the children too.


Without being a total bar humbug remember excess alcohol is tantamount to poison for your body. Limit it, drink lots of water and maybe take those famous tummy effervescent tablets with you!


Seriously though do take even a small amount of time out to do some exercise that you like. Then go and enjoy your Christmas Dinner. Yum.


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2019





By our Pilates Instructor, and Massage Therapist, Louise Nightingale





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