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A Glimpse into the Life of our Head Receptionist and Part-Time Homeopath, Susan Paul during Coronavirus lockdown!

April 16th, 2020


·        When did you start working at the WCHC? And what days do you work?


I started working as a therapist at the Centre in 1999, I am now a semi retired Homeopath. When an opportunity came up to apply for the post of Head Reception in March 2018, I immediately knew it was a good career change for me. I work two days a week and I love my job.


·        Coronavirus lockdown, are you able to work at the moment? If not, what else have you been up to?

·        How have you been keeping yourself busy staying at home? Any photos of what you have done?


At the moment I am one of furloughed millions in the country, so effectively I’m not working.  I am taking this extraordinary time to slow down and take my time, rather than being “busy”, I’m enjoying my garden, going for walks, cooking meals and catching up with my friends and family on video chat. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, I haven’t had any length of time off, except when I had my children or having medical treatment. So this is a bonus for me.


It’s been nice getting to know my neighbours better, we all have more time to chat (at the required distance!) and some of them are on their own so its good to have some human contact (non physical).


I got a card and a package of sunflower seeds through my letterbox last week, I don’t know who it was from but I spent a very relaxing morning colouring in the card, which I put on my window, as a way of saying thank you!


Lastly, I forgot to say that I’m doing my yoga exercises and dancing in the kitchen to Radio 6 music!  Also I’m going to teach my daughter, Bron, who lives with me, how to play chess!


·        Have you created your own lockdown cocktail yet?  If not, what ingredients would you use?


I’m not big on cocktails, my daughter likes an Iced tea cocktail that Reese Witherspoon recommends, my daughter, Meg said it was delicious!



·        What do you miss the most at the moment?


I miss spending time with Meg, whose in Cambridge and my lovely friends, and working at the Centre.


·        What is the first thing you will do when the coronavirus conditions are lifted?


When lockdown is lifted I’d like to drive up the coast to Walberswick or Southwold, I miss not being able to go to the seaside.


·        Any words of wisdom that you would like to give us?


I’m not sure about words of wisdom but the situation has made me think, how important it is to love and care not just for each other but for our immediate environment too, our neighbourhood, our street, our village/town, to roam nearer home rather than constantly dashing off here and there. Does that make sense?


·        Go on……….tell us a joke!

Here’s a selection from Susan – enjoy!

50 Coronavirus Jokes That Should Help You Get Through Quarantine





Forget me nots, Poppies and Alkanet, all gifts from the birds or the wind!







Enjoying the sunshine!





Still enjoying the sunshine!








Gift from unknown child

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