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A little glimpse into the life of Heidi Sanders, our essential oil & holistic massage therapist, during lockdown

April 27th, 2020


·        My name is……..


Heidi Sanders



·        When did you start working at the WCHC? And what days do you work?


I started at the wonderful WCHC during late summer 2017. I initially worked at the clinic on Mondays, Wednesday’s, Fridays and Saturdays, although I am currently in the process of   r-eorganising my life so my workdays will change a little once we are allowed back out to play.



·        What is your chosen therapy?


I am an essential oil therapist & an holistic massage therapist, but I also have a specialism in supporting women during pregnancy; this also includes support during labour & birth and during the immediate postnatal stages. I also offer active birth and labour preparation       workshops along with training hypnobirthing for couples.


As an essential oil therapist a big part of my practice is supporting my clients with natural plant medicine, making remedies to help support ailments and dis-ease where something perhaps a little more gentle is required. I’m quite often seen cooking over my cauldron!


·        Why/How did you decide upon this therapy?


Believe it or not, many many years ago I worked in corporate London, for a big design/ branding consultancy (in client services). It was a great experience, but it became very full on        after a number of years and rather emotionally draining. To help me get through my working week I’d ensure I received a number of different holistic therapies, at that time it was mostly reiki healing. This was my first dabble into holistic therapy and holistic touch. It allowed me to just reconnect and re-balance. My interest grew and more than anything it just felt right, for me. I started an holistic massage practitioner course and it was the best choice I made. Just a big ‘wow lightbulb’ moment. I have added to and trained in many other    practices during the years, but I bring all of these experiences together to create an integrated holistic experience for my clients. I see it as art, such a creative form of expression for both my clients and myself.


My focus in pregnancy care naturally followed after my first pregnancy and the difficultly I had in finding a therapist that wasn’t either frightened to touch a pregnant body, or who knew enough about the science and medical aspects of antenatal care and just generally felt        confident enough. The rest is history really, I jumped in with both feet. I absolutely love, love, love supporting the beautiful women I see and their beautiful baba bumps.



·        Coronavirus lockdown, are you able to work at the moment? If not, what else have you been up to?


Naturally I am unable to offer physical manual therapy, but I have still supported my clients and new clients with phone consultations and essential oil remedies. These have been far and wide, ranging from support for anxiety (particularly in this current climate), from skin    care to allergy support, and respiratory support. I have also continued to offer birth support      remedies for my pregnant clients who are soon going into labour, particularly where the choice has been taken away on place of birth (hospital can be a daunting place for many).

So, in a word, yes, I can still work a little.



·        How have you been keeping yourself busy staying at home? Any photos of what you have done?


Apart from the little bit of work I have been doing (my solace!), I have been home schooling, entertainments manager, chef, housemaid, laundry maid, chef (!), nurse, garden landscaper, car valet, chef (!!) bakery expert, jigsaw extraordinaire, retail manager, chef (!!!), hair dresser, treasure hunt creator – just a normal day at the ranch, though I’m sure I am going to detest cooking by the end of this! xx

It is also lovely getting to know our new neighbours (albeit virtually), especially now, how it   has become a massive support network for many – I hope it continues. My neighbours and I  have already suggested we have a street party in late summer (assuming we are allowed to!),   it will be lovely getting the chance to meet everyone in person!


·        Have you created your own lockdown cocktail yet?  If not, what ingredients would you use?


No, not yet, but I do know that it would contain VODKA (and lots of it!), and something sweet   and fizzy to go in it – yummy!



·        What do you miss the most at the moment?


My Sanity (haha) – I think I really miss just hanging out with my family and friends. The spontaneity of being able to just pop round for a

herbal tea!



·        What is the first thing you will do when the coronavirus conditions are lifted?


Give hugs to everyone I love and reconnect in real-time! I think as a family we would like to   visit the sea.


·        Any words of wisdom that you would like to give us?


This moment in time is something we will look back on as a bit part of our history, especially for our children.

I am very much into the power of now and living in the present. One thing that this big global   ‘pause’ is allowing us to do is exactly that – allowing us to be present, to live in the moment. This moment in time allows us to appreciate stillness, appreciate who we are and             more importantly what really matters to us.

This is the time to just ‘be’…x

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

(A little nugget that I just love – by the fabulous John Lennon)



·        Go on……….tell us a joke!


So, I just asked my 7 year old daughter for a little joke (a swap for styling her hair – see a hairdresser!)

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Amelie who?

Mummy…can’t you remember my name?!



Stay safe everyone.

Love and light xx












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Spending time with family in the sunshine







Art lesson















Picking mother’s day flowers from the garden

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