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Aroma of the Month for January – Tea Tree Oil

January 17th, 2017

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Happy 2017. Winter is often the season of more germs and we love to share them with each other.

This month, I am writing about the essential oil of Tea Tree. This oil is known for its powerful antiseptic properties.  Tea Tree comes from the Australian plant called Melaleuca alternifolia and has been used in numerous medical studies to kill strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

As well as using the oil on our bodies, we can also use it for cleaning in the house, diffusing in the air to kill mold and germs or making cleaning sprays by blending it with cheap vodka.

The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities of tea tree are helpful for many things including the following –


Bacterial infections

Cold sores



Fungal infections


Head lice

Having said all the above, please don’t put it neat onto an open wound and ask advice from a professional if you are unsure.

Wishing you a germ free winter season.


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