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Aromatherapy Oil of the Month – Aniseed

September 04th, 2017

Aniseed has the fragrance of earth and anise.  It us used and has been used for many years as a herb for easing digestion and breathing problems.

This is  an excellent oil for rubbing into joints diluted in a base oil for areas that have stressed or overworked.

How to use Aniseed

As a massage oil (see above)

Add several drops to bath water to help strength and aid the bodies vitality in times of sickness or discord.

Mix with unscented facial cream to lift a dull complexion and balance oily skin.

Diffuse Aniseed to enhance the home.  It is wonderful in the diffuser and has a delicious, cosy, heart-warming aromatic effect.  The aroma can enliven the appetite both for food and for life.  Blending with rose and orange will be a wonderful blend to use when entertaining to bring happiness to your home and guests.


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