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Aromatherapy Top Tips from Donna Walker

April 06th, 2020


Donna Walker our resident Aromatherapist with 18yrs experience is offering free advice and guidance on how to use aromatherapy oils safely in your home.


Whilst we are all adjusting to spending more time at home it is a good time to look in the back of your cupboards for essentials you may have invested in or received as a gift.

Good immune support oils are:

Tea Tree

Why not add two drops of each into an oil burner

(AVOID Tree Tea if you have cats or dogs)




Run a bath
Turn the taps off when at desired depth and temperature
Close the door and windows
Blend a maximum of 8 drops of essential into about an egg cup of milk and stir with your finger
Slowly pour all the milk into the bath water
Swirl it around with your hand
Get into the bath, recline, breathe slowly and relax for 20-30 minutes


The therapeutic properties of the oils work in two ways, absorption through the skin and inhalation that is calming to the senses and supporting your body’s own innate systems.


Milk acts an emulsifier dispersing the essential oils evenly through the depth of the bath water therefore, avoiding the oil just sitting on top of the water.


It is thought that Cleopatra used milk in her baths for this very reason.


Email Donna with the oils you find in your cupboards at donna@aromaticanswers.com and she is happy speak with you and give additional free guidance.



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