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Celebrating National Pie Week with our Nutritionist, Nicky Seabrook

March 05th, 2020

Chicken kale and mushroom pot pie

(Serves 4)



·        1 tbsp Olive oil

·        1 large onion finely chopped

·        3 thyme sprigs, leaves picked

·        2 garlic cloves, crushed

·        350g chicken breasts, cut into small chunks

·        250g chestnut mushrooms, sliced

·        300ml chicken stock

·        100g crème fraîche

·        1 tbsp wholegrain mustard

·        100g kale chopped

·        375g pack puff pastry, rolled into a circle slightly bigger than your dish

·        1 egg yolk, to glaze

·        2tsp cornflour mixed with 1 tblsp cold water



Heat 1/2 tbsp oil over a gentle heat in a flameproof casserole dish. Add the onion and cook for 5 mins until softening. Scatter over the thyme and garlic, and stir for 1 min. Turn up the heat and add the chicken, frying until golden but not fully cooked. Add the mushrooms and the remaining oil. Heat oven to 200C/180 fan/gas 6.

Add the stock, crème fraîche, mustard and kale, and season well. Add the cornflour mixture and stir until thickened a little.

Remove from the heat and cover with the puff pastry lid, pressing into the sides of the casserole dish. Slice a cross in the centre and glaze with the egg. Bake for 30 mins until the pastry is puffed up and golden.

(Taken from the BBC Good Food website)


Nutrition Notes

This warming pie for a cold, winters day has a healthy twist with the addition of kale. Kale is a member of the cabbage family and has been described as one of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet. In particular it is high in the following antioxidants: betacarotene, vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols. Oxidative damage in the body is believed to be one of the key drivers of cancer and the ageing process so remember to add kale, spinach, broccoli or cabbage to the top of your shopping list!




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