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Coping with fear during challenging times

January 13th, 2021

Coping with fear during challenging times

By our NLP Practitioner, Andrew Norman (inspired by my trainer Jo Wilson)



It is easy to stay motivated when things are going well in life.


However, in times such as the world is going through during this COVID pandemic, it can be quite challenging to remain motivated.


It may seem that there is not much happening in your life that you have any control over, you have lost your work or you may be having to adapt to radically new work practices. You may be afraid for your own health whilst also missing human contact.


In these and many other circumstances, too numerous to mention, we are all having to adjust. Some of us now have loads to do so will not find motivation an issue. Some of us however could be facing whole days with nothing much to do and are finding it hard to focus on get anything done.


Where are you currently putting your focus?


Are you banging your head against a brick wall looking at things you can’t change or that will have little or no impact on your current problems?


Consider what this is doing for your motivation?


In NLP terms we talk about being at cause or effect.


To feel empowered, it is better to be at cause. When you are at cause, you are looking at impacting things you can impact, changing things you can change and controlling things you can control.


One of the things you cannot change is other people, only they can choose to do that!


If you find yourself being impacted by the unknown, it is advisable to concentrate your attention on what you do know. If you recognise you are feeling afraid of something that is actually unknown, firstly take some time to understand and accept your fear. Fear of the unknown is often based on what we think may happen and not on reality itself.


Think about what you are choosing to believe.


What is that belief giving or not giving you?


Ask yourself a few questions?


What evidence is there that supports my fear of the unknown?

What do I actually know is true?

Where is the best place for me to focus my attention?


Remind yourself how resourceful you are. Think of 3 examples where you have successfully coped with uncertainty.


‘Hard Times Don’t Create Heroes. It is During Hard Times When The ‘Hero’ Within Us Is Revealed”

Bob Riley



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