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Family fun with some simple Yoga

August 07th, 2015

Summer months often mean there’s a little more family time, so how about getting the family together for a few simple Yoga postures, and some relaxing breathing?

Everyone can do with a bit of calm, soothing Yoga and what better place than a shady corner of your garden or join up with friends in your local park?  Check that the area is clear of sharp and spiky things, then pop a thick blanket on the grass or bring out your camping mats.  Have a look at some books together, choose 2 or 3 postures and see if you can work together to do them.  Don’t try too hard and remember not to over-stretch or you’ll hurt yourself.

Try the easy and calming Alternate Nostril Breath and finish your mini session by lying quietly for a few moments and enjoying the sounds around you.  Here are a couple of good books, which will help you to choose the right things to work on:

For younger children try A Yoga Parade of Animals by Pauline Mainland

For older children and teenagers look at Yoga Bliss by Tara Fraser

Reasonably priced used copies of these books are available online if you can’t find them in the bookshops.

For more information about Yoga and to book onto one of Izzy’s 4, 6 or 8 week Yoga programmes, contact the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre on 01394 388234.

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