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Featured Therapy – Acupuncture

October 15th, 2015

Acupuncture is great for fertility, whether for improving natural fertility or to complement assisted techniques such as IVF. I don’t personally treat people going through assisted fertility processes (I refer them to Ann Taylor) but have treated a lot of women who are having trouble getting pregnant naturally, with pleasing success. As with most other complementary therapies, treating the whole body and mind seems to be amazingly effective, especially when treating the stress and anxiety aspects of trying to get pregnant.

Acupuncture all through pregnancy is highly recommended, to give the baby the best possible conditions for growth and development, and as a very safe treatment for problems that might arise such as morning sickness or pain, for which medication is not advisable during pregnancy.

It is especially recommended that the mother have a few treatments from about week 34 to prepare for the birth. A treatment allied to acupuncture, called moxibustion, is highly effective for encouraging a breech baby to move into the right position. Pre-labour acupuncture can also strengthen the mother physically and emotionally for the birth, regulating the hormones and uterus and cervix ready for action.

Acupuncture can help bring on and speed up labour and is a wonderful support during the birth process to relieve pain, calm the mind and help everything go as smoothly as possible (I’m happy to attend births when feasible).

After the birth, acupuncture can also help the mother to recover her mental and physical strength and help ease any problems such as pain or breast-feeding troubles.

Babies can receive acupuncture but I don’t have the specialist training to do so. However I do treat children from age about 5 upwards and love doing so.

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