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Featured Therapy – Osteopathy

November 23rd, 2015

Our therapy of the month for November is Osteopathy. In this blog post we find out more about this therapy.

Osteopathy is a treatment used to find and prevent problems in the body by manipulation, massage and stretching the muscles and joints. It’s based on the idea that a person’s health relies on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue all working closely and operating efficiently together.

The therapy can help to relieve tension in muscles, help the blood supply to the tissue in the body, assists the body to heal and increase mobility in the joints. A variety of techniques are used but not surgery or medication.

Common complaints that an osteopath can assist with are anything that affects the muscles, bones and joints and include, aches and pains in necks, lower back, shoulders, pelvis, hips, legs, arthritis and posture issues that can be made worse by pregnancy, driving and your job.

At your first consultation the osteopath will go through your medical history with you and discuss your general health as well as specific questions about the complaint you would like dealt with. Then they’ll be a physical examination of the area in question and you could be asked to move around. The osteopath will then discuss a course of action and treatment with you. For more information on this please call the centre on 01394 388234 or visit Sharon Quilters page, our resident osteopath, on our website.

The General Osteopathic Council who regulate the practice in the UK must, by law, register anyone who wishes to be recognised as an osteopath. They set the standards of safe conduct that all osteopaths must adhere to and protect both osteopaths and patients by continuing to update those standards.

To find out more about the General Osteopathic Council you can visit their website here. Another useful website is The Institute of Osteopathy.

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