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Focus On Acupuncture

April 02nd, 2016


Recently at the centre we have focused on acupuncture and it’s various benefits. Here acupuncturist Isabelle Wen discusses her thoughts on this ancient therapy.

“Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine which is the result of literally thousands of years of experience. The Chinese emperors were obsessed with attaining immortality and collected all the information they could on ways to improve health. There are written records from over 2 thousand years ago showing the acupuncture points and their functions. Two thousand years of testing: now that’s what I call evidence, (everything nowadays needs to be evidence-based, doesn’t it).

Even according to the strict criteria of Western science, acupuncture is accumulating a solid backing of evidence: just see the large collection of research papers available on the website of the British Acupuncture Council.

I have a background in science but the more I practice acupuncture, 17 years now, the more impressed I am by it’s holistic qualities. As well as easing most of my patients’ symptoms, acupuncture seems to enable the person to regain their sense of wholeness on many levels. Patients sometimes say that they feel that the mental benefits are even more valuable than the physical ones, that they feel back to their old selves, that they have reconnected spiritually, that they are more resilient and positive when coping with life’s challenges.

Acupuncture is still a mysterious therapy, but isn’t the human being a wonderfully mysterious thing? Anyway, I’m happy to trust the experience of a quarter of the world’s population!”

If you would like to know more about Isabelle’s work you can click on her page here or find out about acupuncture in general at the centre here.

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