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Happy Birthday to The Juiceworks!!

August 20th, 2020

The reason we are celebrating The Juiceworks 7th Birthday is because…………….well we shall let the owner, Lawrence Farrow tell you his story…….over to you Lawrence!


“I started juicing 8 years ago and about 8 months into my 1st year of juicing personally I was invited by Alok to do a juice demo and talk at the centre. I remember it clearly and was met with such enthusiasm after my talk and the WCHC staff and Alok also, asked if they could buy some juices.


I had not considered selling them but worked out a way to make and bottle a few juices and delivered them on a Thursday.


The news leaked from the WCHC ( during treatments as I believe it was a topic ) and I’d get calls asking me to make them for others. I did make a small amount and charged what the produce etc cost but it soon got out of hand and I had to think more seriously about properly making it my job. And that is how The JuiceWorks was born 7 years ago. Everything is still made to order and cold pressed and I still deliver myself across Woodbridge & suffolk but now use a courier for the rest of the UK, even as far as the Isle of Lewis !!!!


And all thanks to Alok and The WCHC.


I just wanted to say thank you to Alok and the WCHC for accidentally starting the best job I have ever had.”


Juicy Regards







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