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Homeopathy for Mums to Be and Babies

October 26th, 2015

In this article Susan Paul talks about homeopathy for fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and babies.

‘Homeopathy works to rebalance our bodies. When a body is in balance, the immune system works to protect us from ill health and we are able to heal ourselves. It also enables our body to function normally. Like other complementary therapies, homeopathy believes there is an energy system that runs through our physical body and when it becomes depleted, or blocked it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. Finding the triggers that lead to an energy imbalance is useful in discovering a remedy that matches the person holistically.

Remedies are very safe for babies and small children to take and for women in pregnancy. They are diluted, which reduces the risk of side effects, pleasant to take, gentle yet effective. If a woman is having fertility treatment it is safe for her to have remedies as well.

Fertility and Pregnancy: There are several remedies that can help with regulating hormonal imbalances and so restore a woman’s fertility. Homeopathy works very well on the endocrine system, so if a woman has no periods, very irregular periods or is not ovulating homeopathy can help.

If there are problems in the relationship which may prevent pregnancy from happening then this usually comes to light within the consultation, and as homeopathy treats the whole person, remedies can help here too.

There are remedies for problems in pregnancy such as nausea, cramps, indigestion, back pain, and oedema to name a few. During childbirth, I normally give women a childbirth pack of useful remedies (usually 4 at the very most as it can be too confusing otherwise) and talk them through with her but more importantly her partner before she goes into labour.

There are also remedies to help with recovering after childbirth (including caesarean) and with postnatal depression, although this can be a guise for posttraumatic stress disorder, if labour was perceived as being traumatic.

Babies and small children: Children respond very well to homeopathy, their symptom picture tends to be fairly straightforward and it is easier ‘to spot the remedy’. So again there are remedies for trauma after childbirth, (I can give the mother a remedy too, and also if she’s breastfeeding as it can be passed to baby through the mothers milk) colic, fevers, teething, and childhood illnesses.

Children find it easy to take the remedies, as they are very small and pleasant to take. I use powders or soft tablets that dissolve easily in the mouth or in water, breast or formula milk, for babies.

As well as prescribing homeopathic remedies, I also give tissue salts, which pregnant women and growing and developing children really benefit from. These are Schusslers Twelve tissues salts remedies; they are a combination of homeopathy and biochemic therapeutics. They are diluted, but only given in low potencies and in repeated doses and according to a symptom picture but a more simplified physical picture of perceived deficiencies and according to chemical affinities. They provide food for the cells in a form they can assimilate and they work alongside homeopathic remedies.’

For more information about homeopathy and the work Susan Paul does visit her page here on our website.

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