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Hypnotherapist, Mike Buckley tells us what he has been up to in Lockdown

March 10th, 2021

Dear all,


It’s really nice to hear that there’s activity out there! I think it’s a great idea to share what we’ve been up to.


It’s not been an easy year for many, but I have personally seen people doing amazing things. My practice initially dropped off a cliff last March but rebounded within a few months, quite spectacularly. I am also in partnership training new therapists and it was a tricky challenge salvaging the course that was running at the start of the year and managing to deliver it. That kept me very busy! In the summer I was doing a lot of walking in natural environments but having a prosthetic leg created a lot of frustration, limiting opportunities. I then decided to get an electric mountain bike which dramatically freed me up and extended my range considerably! I do recommend them! Of course, the recent restrictions meant that it’s been gathering dust and I’m champing at the bit to get out there again!


I’d like to mention that it’s been very noticeable that clients are generally bringing the same issues they did before 2020. I thought our profession would be understandably inundated with many fearful and anxious people and although there are certainly some experiencing that, from my perspective most people have been quite resilient about events.


I recently bought a harmonica as I thought I could learn a simple musical instrument quickly! Ha! I’ve since learnt it’s easy to learn to play but takes years to play well!!


Spring seems to be arriving with lovely sunshine and suddenly I’m out in the garden making an early start to get it in good shape this year. Sadly, I neglected it last year.


I really hope that all of us can return to working closely with others again soon and we can have the simple pleasures like having a cuppa and a chat with anyone! Ooooh! By the way, I’m writing a book, so watch this space!


Best wishes and shiny sparkly things to you all!


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