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September 14th, 2023


Here’s a great article from one of our Acupuncturist’s Alison Fletcher practising here at the WCHC


Insomnia, which responds well to acupuncture, covers a number of sleeping problems including an inability to fall asleep easily, waking up during the night, restlessness, night-heat and sweats, waking early in the morning and dream-disturbed sleep.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Mind is rooted in the Heart so, if we’re troubled, the Mind is not rooted properly and sleep will be affected, often producing many dreams.  Night-time is Yin time when our bodies should be nourished and nurtured ready for the next day’s activities.  If Yin or our cooling elements are depleted, nightsweats can occur.  Before identifying a sleep problem make sure your inability to sleep soundly is not because of external causes such as the weather, drinking/smoking stimulants or temporary joint muscle pain; if you can rule out these causes do come for some acupuncture.


ALISON FLETCHER MBAcC  (Practising over 20 years)



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