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Izzy’s Yoga Posture for October – Uttanasana

October 11th, 2018

Uttanasana – Standing forward bend




·       Develops strength in the legs and feet

·       Can help with low back pain

·       Stretches the hamstrings

·       Develops mobility of the pelvis


How prepare for it


·       This is an inverted pose and is therefore not suitable for those with high blood pressure

·       The modified version with the hands resting on a steady surface at waist height avoids lowering the head and is a good modification


How to do it


·       Move into Tadasana, the Mountain Pose

·       Breathing in, raise both arms overhead

·       Breathing out, keep the arms straight and bend forward from the hips (alternatively rest your hands on your hips if this is more comfortable)

·       Those using modified version with support can rest the hands on the support now and relax into the posture

·       Bring your hands to rest lightly on your legs

·       Breathing in, raise your head and slightly hollow your back, as in cat pose

·       Breathing out, continue to lower your body towards your legs

·       If the hands can touch the floor, continue to work them around the outsides of the kegs and backwards, behind the feet

·       Remain in the position for 2 or 3 breaths

·       To return, place your hands on your hips, engage your core strength and return to a standing position

·       Alternatively, soften the legs and uncurl the back to a standing position, breathing gently and bringing the head up last

·       Stand quietly and allow the breathing to settle


Things to watch


·       Bending the legs slightly will help to avoid locking the knees

·       Be aware of the spine and avoid straining the back

·       If there is any strain in the back, soften the knees and keep the spine soft


More information about the pose is here:



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