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Izzy’s Yoga Posture for the Month of August – The High Plank – Phalakasana

August 01st, 2018

Regarded by some as a challenge, this posture is about building strength in the arms and core and learning how to sustain a strong posture with minimal effort.  My approach is based on Peter Blackaby’s approach to achieve the plank.  The link gives further information about the posture and approaches it from Dog Face Down pose, which is a stronger way of performing the asana.




Improves strength in the arms
Improves core strength
Can form part of an asana sequence


How prepare for it



It’s important that your feet and hands feel firm on the floor or on your mat for this posture, so ensure you are working on a grippy surface.


How to do it


Begin in an all-fours position towards the front of your mat

Ensure that your hands are placed directly in line with your shoulders and your knees are directly in line with your hips – this means that your spine is at full length

Extend your right leg back and keeping your leg straight, turn your toes under and place your foot on the floor

Raise your head slightly to form a straight line from the back of your head, through your spine and through your right leg

Engage your core strength and extend your left leg back in the same way

Hold the posture, releasing any unnecessary tension and taking 2 or 3 steady breaths

Bring your right leg in

Bring your left leg in

Re-establish yourself in the all-fours position

Repeat the sequence, leading with the left leg

Relax in extended swan pose


Things to watch


Keep your weight evenly distributed between your hands and your feet so as to avoid putting pressure on the wrists
If you have carpal tunnel syndrome then avoid pressure on the wrists and adapt the pose to rest on your forearms instead
If your wrists are painful, use supports such as beanbags, a rolled up mat or specialist supports to avoid pressure on the wrists
Keep the line from your head to your toes by engaging your core – most people will need to slightly lower their bottom towards the floor  achieve the correct position


More information about the plank pose is here:



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