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Izzy’s yoga posture for the month of July – Ardha Purvottanasana (Crab Pose)

July 09th, 2018

Ardha Purvottanasana – Crab Pose

This posture is about strength and control – it’s great for building and developing core strength and you can increase the time you hold the posture as your strength grows.



Improves strength in the arms
Improves core strength
Widens the shoulders and enables the chest to expand
Strengthens the arms
Is a useful counter pose to forward bending postures


How prepare for it


It’s important that your feet and hands feel firm on the floor or on your mat for this posture, so ensure you are working on a grippy surface.


How to do it


Begin in a seated position on the ground with both legs stretched out in front of you

Place your hands behind you, in line with your shoulders and with your fingertips pointing towards your body

Bring both legs in towards you and place you feet hips width apart

Gently and with control, raise your hips, bringing your knees directly above your feet and aiming to keep your hands underneath your shoulders

With practice, strength in the thighs and the gluteal muscles will enable you to lift higher and you will be able to bring your body parallel with the floor

Keep your head in line with your body – don’t allow it to fall backwards

Hold the position and maintain even breathing through your nose

To return, lower your hips with control, release your arms and extend your legs out in front of you


Things to watch


Adapt the hand position by pointing your fingers away from your body if needed or support the hands to protect your wrists

This posture may not be suitable for people with shoulder problems


Use your breath to relax into the posture – lengthen the breath out

Return carefully from the pose, using your legs and gluteal muscles to provide the strength to return

Avoid strain on your back at all times


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