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Izzy’s Yoga Posture for the month of April – Trikonasana – The Triangle

April 11th, 2018

Trikonasana – the Triangle


This posture is wonderful for easing tension around the neck and shoulders and by lengthening the sides of your body it helps to create space in the ribs and improve your breathing.



Improves your overall posture
Expands the ribs
Stretches the hips
Eases tension from the neck and shoulders
Improves balance and stability
Quietens the mind

How prepare for it

Stand in Tadasana, the Mountain pose so that you feel well grounded before you start the posture
Ensure that your feet are evenly in contact with the ground
Develop a soft and even breathing rhythm which you can use when you are in the posture itself

How to do it

·       Stand in Tadasana, Mountain pose

·       Place your feet about 3 feet apart, keeping the feet parallel

·       Feel the contact between the outside edges of your feet and your mat

·       Bring your hands, palms together, at chest height in front of you

·       Breathe out

·       As you breathe in, extend the arms out to your sides, parallel with the floor

·       Feel that you are reaching out to the sides of the room

·       Look to your right and turn your right palm to face forward

·       As you breathe out, bend over to your left, resting your left hand lightly on your left leg

·       Raise your right arm to the ceiling keeping your arm straight

·       If your shoulders are painful, move the arm as far as you are comfortable

·       Feel the stretch across your body from the right to the left hand, in the hips and the insides of your legs

·       Breathe gently through the nose, finding the rhythm of the posture

·       On a breath in, return to your upright position

·       Breathe out and bring your palms together

·       Repeat the posture on the other side


Things to watch

Keep your feet parallel throughout the practice – this ensures that you keep the hips pointing forward and avoid twisting your back or leaning forward
Keep your shoulders soft to avoid tension in your neck
Try and feel your arms stretching away rather than lifting – it makes it easier!
Link for more info about Trikonasana – most versions show one foot turned out – in my version please keep the feet parallel to protect the spine:



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