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Oil of the Month for January 2018 by our Victoria Lily

January 07th, 2018

Black Pepper


This wintry month I would like to share with you about Black Pepper.

The potency of this oil has been long known to help with clearing the breathing channels during  the wintry months. It is very helpful when blended with other oils such as eucalyptus  in a diffuser for keeping mucousy imbalances at bay.

This oil adds a lovely warmth and energy to massage blends. It has hints of the exotic about it. It is excellent for comforting sore, overworked muscles, therefore a great help to those with physically active lifestyles.

In a diffuser, Black Pepper can be helpful as a stimulant for our senses. It can encourage alertness and give mental clarity and focus. These things are sometimes hard to find in the more sluggish winter months.  As a new year thought, some studies have suggested that this lovely warming spicy oil may be helpful when trying to rid oneself of addictions such as smoking.

Thank you for reading. Back next month.


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