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Online yoga beginners class using zoom by our Yoga Teacher, Izzy Ixer

April 16th, 2020

Thinking about how yoga can help you at the moment, the idea is a 6 week course of 1 hour sessions:


For beginners or for those with some previous yoga experience who are returning to Yoga


            Learn a set of postures you can practice yourself

            Understand how to control your breathing and release tension

            Master some simple focusing and relaxing techniques

            Discover the essence of a yoga practice and how yoga can help now


After a period of rapid learning I have brought my current clients and classes online and had some training on the safety and security aspects of live online sessions using zoom too.  As I’m anticipating that the group will be beginners and less experienced yogis, I’d like to limit the group size to 6-8 so that I can ensure you are practicing safely.


Thinking of best times for you to begin a yoga practice either a Wednesday at

6.30pm or on a Thursday late morning feel like good times.   Especially as a

beginner it’s wise not to have a main meal just before you practice!


Here is a short video, which says a little more about yoga and some of the ideas behind it:



I’m getting my plans for the sessions together and working out pricing, so if you are interested, please contact me at izzy@bluepebblecoaching.co.uk or through my website at http://www.izzyyoga.co.uk/  There is more information on my YouTube Channel – search for Izzyyoga.


With all best wishes






Izzy Ixer BWY Dip CMI

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Coach


email izzy.ixer@btopenworld.com


twitter @IzzyYoga and @IzzyIxer



Also on LinkedIn


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