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Plums, more plums and greengages!

August 04th, 2017

It really has been perfect weather for our gardens, lovely warm sunshine, and frequent rain, has resulted in bumper crops of fruits.  You don’t have to look too far for all those blackberries growing in the hedgerows, and at the WCHC, we have our own bumper harvest of……….plums and greengages! Have a look at these!


Plums from our fruit trees!


Here’s a great way of putting all those plums  and greengages to use…….simply by eating them exactly as they are! 😊 Without the need for any extra sugar, they are more than sweet enough to eat on their own, and if you find that “tasty”, we also have our very own “tasters” at the WCHC.  Most of the therapists here offer a free “15 minute taster” of their therapy……….so call or email us today to book yours, on (01394) 388234, or info@wchc.info !

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