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Pre-Birth Treatment by our therapists, Ann Taylor and Heidi Saunders

July 25th, 2018

This is just a lovely little testimonial from an anonymous client who really felt she, and her baby, benefitted from the therapy provided by our Acupuncturist, Ann Taylor and Pre-Natal Massage Therapist, Heidi Sanders…………….have a look at the below……..



“In the weeks running up to my due date I wanted to have some treatments to help get my mind and body ready for labour, and to help with some of the aches and pains that were becoming more intense each day.  I decided to have some ‘pre-birth’ acupuncture with Ann, as she has a wealth of experience working with pregnant women (having been a midwife too!).  I had four weekly treatments in the run up to labour, I found the treatments very relaxing, Ann’s needles were so gentle and she is such a calming and reassuring presence.  I always slept much better after the treatments, and have no doubt they contributed greatly to the very smooth labour I experienced.  


As well as acupuncture I decided to have some pregnancy massage with Heidi.  I was drawn to the energetic nature of her treatments and the way she uses essential oils. I found the two treatments I had with her very powerful, during the massage I had on my due date I could feel the baby moving around and into a better position.  Heidi is very generous with her time and energy, as well as being a grounding and knowledgeable presence.  I felt her massages prepared me mentally as well as physically for birth.  


My son was born at home 6 days after his due date, the total labour lasted less than 5 hours, pretty quick for a first baby!  The midwives were amazed at how smoothly things went, they said they wished more women had acupuncture and massage in the run up to birth as they could see how beneficial it is.  I feel so grateful to have received these treatments from Ann and Heidi, they helped make my birthing experience feel empowering and joyful”

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