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Re-introducing Liz Veats, our Five Elements’ Acupuncturist at the WCHC

October 18th, 2022

Liz Veats is one of our Acupuncturists who works here at the Centre. Her style of acupuncture is different and here she explains a little bit about it.


“The idea that all of nature is governed by yin/yang and the 5 elements lies at the heart of Chinese Medicine.  The Five Elements namely, Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Metal represent the fundamental qualities of all matter in the universe and are part of every person’s makeup.

Each Element has its own particular quality of Qi. Put simply, when a person’s Qi becomes deficient or too full within an element this is characteristically when there might be an imbalance or disease in either the physical body or in the mind and spirit.

As a practitioner focusing on the Five Elements, I strive to diagnose the dysfunction presented by the patient by understanding how that disharmony is presenting in the Five Elements; namely by asking the question which element is in distress?

Where an Element is out of balance, treatment aims to re-establish balance and restore harmony between the Five Elements.

This style of Acupuncture has always had a resonance with me, but I also recognise that it’s not a style that suits everyone or every complaint, so I always try to integrate this understanding of the Five Elements with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Having said all that I do believe that a Five Elements’ approach can be particularly effective with problems that may have an emotional root, for example insomnia or mental exhaustion that can often follow on from anxiety or low mood.”


Liz works at the Centre on Wednesdays.  If you would like an appointment, please contact us on 01394 388234 or email us on info@wchc.info


Liz can also be contacted by email: ellyzegar@yahoo.co.uk

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