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Red Light Therapy

October 05th, 2020

Our new therapist, Steve Peck is offering the innovative red and near infra-red light therapy out of the lodge adjacent to the Centre.

Red and near infra-red light therapy, otherwise known as Photo-biomodulation (PBM), is a cutting edge therapy developed in the 1990s by NASA to grow plants in space.  It is now used by their astronauts, elite athletes and the rich and famous to improve their health and wellbeing – both mentally and physically.

There are thousands of scientific papers demonstrating the broad ranging benefits of PBM.
These include:

  • Fitness, performance, and muscle recovery
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Hormone health
  • Brain health, mental health and cognitive function
  • Pet wellbeing and longevity


Each 15-minute treatment in his custom designed PBM booth boosts the mitochondria the living cells that it comes into contact with.  Because the wavelengths of light which he uses penetrate deep below the skin, this means that many cells in the body are boosted and function better after a treatment.  This is why the benefits of PBM are so broad ranging and this is why Thrive Light Therapy is dedicated to bringing this therapy to the people of Woodbridge and Suffolk.


You can read more about Red Light Therapy on his website or email him at hello@thrivelight.co.uk



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