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Reiki with Donna Walker

September 27th, 2023


Reiki (Pronounced Ray-Key)


Some people of heard of it but not  always completely sure what it is and how it may help.


It is an energy treatment that creates a space of stillness and balance, it is great for anyone going through an upheaval, upset or change in life’s circumstances.


Donna our therapist is a Reiki Master with 20 years experience.


The great thing is, unlike massage, you get to keep your clothes on and lay on a couch whilst Donna starts by placing her hands around your head and then continues with hand placements over the body (covering major organs like the Liver and Kidneys with respect and consent. Some people may experience a warming, supportive and nurturing feeling.


Our body’s are always doing their best for us even in times of illness and Reiki is an amazing, gentle and nurturing way of supporting the body’s innate ability to always try to balance and heal (homeostasis)


Donna is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and alternate Saturdays


Sessions are 60mins and cost £51


To book please text or whatsapp Donna on 07732406038 or Call the Centre 01394388234






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