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Some words from our Victoria Lily for Mental Health Awareness Week………..

May 15th, 2018

Our mental health, who we are in our own minds needs to be carefully nurtured and protected. Nowadays we are pushed and pulled in all directions by social media, advertising, marketing, the news, our family, our friends, ourselves. We often don’t notice how we are speaking to ourselves. We are often putting ourselves down or beating ourselves up or telling ourselves we are not good enough….ever!!! We live in a society where it is considered egotistical to be proud of ourselves or to be self-congratulatory. We can feel utterly lonely, even when we are with the ones who are supposed to love us. Due to all this and more our mental health suffers. We don’t realise that we are precious, amazing, wonderful beings. We berate ourselves instead of encouraging ourselves to keep going, to keep trying, to keep believing in ourselves.


Anyone who knows me will know that I am passionate about encouraging people to be their best person, to see that you are amazing and awesome and deserve a wonderful life.


On this mental health week consider how you are speaking to yourself. The words ‘I AM’ are immensely powerful. What are the next words that you say after ‘I AM’. Are they building you up or are they oppressing your true nature and your need to be happy. Notice how you feel when you speak positively or negatively to yourself. Every thought affects the cells of your body, not just your mind. Your body will relax more into happy thoughts and tighten into uncomfortable thoughts.


If you have issues for example with self worth, try saying to yourself regularly, ‘ I am lovely’. It will not be easy at first but after a while it begins to feel an enjoyable thing to say, then try saying it to yourself in the mirror!!! Every step is a step in the right direction of feeling good about yourself. Then think of some other positive words to go after ‘ I AM’ and say those until they become enjoyable, then try some others and so on. I know this works because it is a journey I have been on for some years now.


You are awesome and one day my true hope is that more and more of us can let ourselves shine rather than oppressing ourselves with negative thought patterns and self talk (often words that are not ours but from someone else in our lives).


When we start to shine and get out of the heaviness and/or sadness and depression we have been carrying we can find the strength to make the necessary changes in our lives that promote long term happiness and healthy minds.


At WCHC we all work to help you to be your best self.  Sometimes it’s just great to have someone listen to you for a while without judgement or agenda.  If you feel this could help you move in a stronger direction in life, do come and see us.


It’s one step at a time, but as long as it’s in the right direction then that’s great.


Big love, Victoria Lily



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