Blackcurrant Ice Cream


Blackcurrant Ice Cream

Some ice creams can be time consuming to make but this one is very easy. It is perfect to bring out for an impromptu BBQ and with the blackcurrants in it and no artificial additives you can enjoy it knowing it is a healthy option.

Blackcurrants are very high in antioxidant compounds, which protect us from free radical damage. The total antioxidant power of a food can now be measured by a test developed by Boston University and is assigned an ORAC value. Blackcurrants are 7,950 units per 100g of raw fruit, an amazingly high value when nutritionists recommend that we try and consume over 3,500 ORAC units a day.


2 eggs separated

1/2pint double cream

50g icing sugar

150g blackcurrants

50g sugar


  1. First make the fruit puree. Cook the blackcurrants with a little water – 2 tablespoons and 50g of sugar for about 5 minutes, until the fruit has softened. Then liquidize them and pass through a sieve to get rid of the skins and seeds. Cool the puree in the fridge.
  2. Whisk up the egg whites and then carefully fold in the icing sugar.
  3. Whisk the double cream until soft and thick but not stiff and then mix in the two egg yolks.
  4. When the fruit puree has cooled mix everything together and pour into a tub to freeze.


Nicky Seabrook BANT

To find out more about Nicky and nutrition at the Centre visit her page here.

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