This month, here is another oil that can help with our change of season body changes.  We often can become imbalanced with colds as the seasons change and this oil gently encourages a healthy defence system.

Chamomile Blue or German Chamomile is a highly thought of oil.  Calming and cooling, organic blue chamomile oil is among the most supportive for a healthy inflammatory response to be found in nature’s pharmacopeia. Used since ancient times, this cousin of the daisy is also among the gentlest of oils, ideal for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin. Blue chamomile oil, with its deep hue and exceptional aromatic profile, is derived from organic chamomile flowers cultivated in Nepal.

Blue chamomile’s high azulene content is what gives chamomile essential oil its deep, rich blue tone as well as its well regarded ability to nourish and restore a healthy defense system. The German ‘blue’ chamomile essential oil encourages a healthy inflammatory response and radiates outwards over a wide range of applications including supporting healthy joint function, promoting relaxation and deep, restful sleep. Its ability to nourish and restore healthy skin oil balance makes it an excellent natural support for skin health and beauty.

Blue chamomile’s therapeutic profile includes its rare ability to sedate without depressive effects, promoting feelings of well being for people in all phases of life, including children. Blue Chamomile is a very safe and nurturing oil.

Blue Chamomile Essential Oil Recipes
Children’s Winter Blend: 1 drop spearmint, 2 drops cape chamomile, 2 drops lavender in ½ oz carrier oil, rubbed over tummy before bedtime (to diffuse, omit carrier oil)
Gentle Bath: The gentlest aromatic bath for all ages—2 drops cape chamomile, 2 drops lavender in warm bath water


By Victoria Lily

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