July is the height of the hay fever season, for some, when grasses and plants are going to seed, and it’s dry and dusty everywhere.

If you have itchy, streaming eyes and you can’t stop rubbing them, which of course makes it worse. Then Euphrasia is a wonderful remedy to help with those symptoms.

The common garden name for Euphrasia is Eyebright, and as the name suggests has an affinity for the eyes.

You can order the remedy through the Woodbridge Complementary Health centre, or directly from Helios, which is a homeopathic pharmacy, or from a local Health food shop.

Start with a 30c in pill form; take 1, two to three times a day, depending on your symptoms. Give it a week and if it is helping, you can reduce it down to once or twice a day.

Give it a go, it’s a natural remedy, non toxic and pleasant to take.

By our Homeopath, Susan Paul



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