Ginger Essential Oil

It is the time of year when then seasons are changing. Back and forth, back and forth, hot, cold, hot cold. The equilibrium in our bodies changes during this time and we can find we our bodies might feel a bit niggly or tired.  Personally my left ear always gets poppy during the seasonal change times of year. It is often at these times that we can get colds. For this reason, my oil for October is Ginger.


Ginger has long been used to fight colds and infections. Use fresh ginger chopped into stir-fries or fresh ginger tea can be made with the ginger root. Ginger is also excellent as a digestive aid.


Used in a massage blend, ginger can help with the aches and pains that some of us have during the colder months as it is great for muscular stiffness and rheumatism.  A few drops in the bath can also be helpful for aches and grumbly muscles.


Victoria Lily


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