October is the time of year when we get colds and coughs, it’s as if our immune systems are gearing up for the winter, and our body decides to have a detox. It can be a challenging time, as the daylight is lessening and the nights are drawing in, and we are moving into the autumnal weather that most of us love.


Aconite is a really good homeopathic remedy for the first stages of coughs and colds particularly if they come on suddenly. The remedy doesn’t suppress the symptoms it gentle helps our body’s own defence mechanism.


Dulcamara is the perfect Autumn remedy, warm days and chilly nights. Colds with that stuffed up feeling , and coughs with a tickly feeling in the throat.


Start with a 30c potency, take 1 every couple of hours or so depending on how severe the reaction is, easing off as the symptoms improve.


Susan Paul, Homeopath




At the Centre, we thought you might like to have a read of this.  It is anonymous, but from someone who has received homeopathy and wanted to share their experience.

“Last year I had quite a year.  First of all a relationship with a man I completely adored broke down, then my father died and after this there were unexpected and painful issues to get through with the lady he was married to.  My default setting is generally happy and positive.  I am a glass full to the brim person.  I am very thankful for the goodness in my life and that is what I focus on. However, for the past year I have woken with a great sadness in my heart, literally.  I felt as though my heart was in pain.  I was not myself and I couldn’t get out of it.

I am a tidy person and I would leave washing up on the side instead of putting it in the dishwasher, or I wouldn’t be as organised as usual.  These are just a couple of examples, but other things were going on as well and it was affecting my work. This may not sound like much , but they were external signs of what was going on inside.  I was going to bed much earlier than usual because I wanted each day to end, then I would wake up with the pain in my heart and feeling useless and unworthy.  I realised that I was depressed and wanted to get myself out of this stuck place.  I was still sad about the man and couldn’t seem to move on from that.

I went to see Susan Paul, the homeopath.  We spoke about how I have been feeling, not just regarding my relationship, but also the other factors involved and how other relationships with family members have affected me etc.  Susan gave me some homeopathic remedies to take away and I took them as recommended.  I am a great believer in homeopathy and have used it with my animals as well as for myself, but I honestly have found this batch to be life-changing.  I would say that I am 90% back to myself.   I have not woken with the sadness in my heart since taking the remedy and I feel much more positive, organised, neat, glass full to the brim and in general happy again.  I was able to let go of old pictures and cards etc that I had been holding on to.

This process happened so naturally, it wasn’t a big deal at all.  I even changed my hairstyle, which is a sure sign of moving on for me!!!    I wanted to write this as I would always recommend homeopathy but I would never have thought to recommend it for something like a broken heart and grief, but now I can highly recommend it for these things.  Homeopathy rocks!!!”





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