Spring may be just around the corner, I can almost smell it in the air, but I feel we may have a few more of those cold, cosy days ahead before spring is officially launched for 2017.

Have you heard of the practice of Hygge?  It comes from Denmark and in simple terms is the art of cosiness. The Danish are considered to be the happiest nation in the world.  We all want to be happy and the art of cosiness is one way to help with this.  How about lighting a few natural (not scented) candles, put on a feel-good film, or read a good book and wrap a big cosy blanket around you.  If you have a dog or cat or person, snuggle up with them too!

As well as natural candles, you could burn some essential oils in an oil burner. Some lovely oils for this would be Lavender for relaxation, Ginger for warming and Frankincense to help you breathe more deeply.  Some of the more spicy oils that I have written about in previous months would be lovely, cosy and uplifting too.  Try making the last few weeks of winter a cosy, uplifting, nurturing place to be ready for all those fresh spring energies that will arrive in March.


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