We are all more aware of the need to take care of our mental wellbeing as well as our physical health. Expressing how you feel and sharing with others that you find some aspects of your life challenging is ok. And there is evidence that talking about your wellbeing is an important first step in making changes for the better. So who can you talk to – who’s listening?


Whoever you choose to talk to, it’s important that they have good listening skills. Active listening means that the listener is giving full, undivided attention to you and what you are saying, allowing you space to reflect and formulate your thoughts and not rushing in with an answer. It’s an important skill which counsellors and coaches must master.


What about those of us who are less comfortable with sitting with a professional and talking about ourselves? What would it be like if we could focus on activity alongside developing an understanding of our own wellbeing and how to manage it? How about yoga?


Yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are proven ways to help you manage the way you respond to events in life. It provides an opportunity to be more in tune with your body and mind and through a regular yoga practice it will help you to understand yourself better and make some changes for the better.


Izzy Ixer is a qualified and experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher and Chartered Management Institute coach. Offering a unique blend of yoga and coaching she helps you to improve your self-awareness and understand your needs. Setting simple and achievable goals enables you to take control of the important things in life, such as recognising how you react to others and developing a strategy for handling things differently. Or it may be being more assertive about your own needs at home, at work or in relationships.


Izzy recently asked her clients what yoga means to them. They say that their yoga sessions have given them copying strategies for life. They feel more relaxed when under pressure and have a greater sense of calm in their lives. Why not see what an accessible yoga programme with coaching can do for you?


Yoga and coaching sessions are available at the centre on Monday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. Call 01394 388234 for more information and to book.


Izzy Ixer, Coach and Yoga Tutor

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