Orange Oil

The Aromatherapy oil of the month for July is Orange oil. Here aromatherapist Victoria Lily talks about the benefits of this fresh, zesty fragrance.

Mmmmmm just think of the wonderful zesty smell of a freshly peeled orange. Orange oil is a wonderful uplifting oil. One almost can’t help but feel zingy when you out it in your oil diffuser. It brightens up the day. If you have a bad mood in the household, try using orange oil to disperse and uplift the atmosphere. I can’t promise miracles, but it may help!

Orange oil is also great for relieving inflammation and it relaxes spasms within muscles and nerves.

It can also be used to treat acne and dermatitis, boost immunity, treat constipation and alleviate depression, anxiety and anger.

I’m off to put some in my diffuser.


Victoria Lily

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