Foot Clinic


August’s therapy of the month is Clifford Bull’s Foot and Back Clinic

Clifford qualified from the BCNO in 1994 after 4 years full time studying and has attended many Professional Development Courses throughout his career.

He’s also registered with the Osteomyology Association, which only allows practitioners on its register with a professional qualification and ensures that they are insured.

Patients come to Clifford with a variety of conditions including:

  • Headaches
    • Neck and Shoulder problems
    • Back pain Sciatica
    • Tennis elbow
    • Hip knee and ankle problems
    • Dance and Sports injuries

If you visit Clifford with a back-related problem then you’ll have a 30-minute session and the treatment takes place in a private consultation room. Your medical case history will be taken and Clifford will discuss the problem with you. You will be asked to remove some clothing, down to your underwear, so please feel free to wear shorts. The treatment is hands-on, consisting of a variety of techniques. Then you’ll be given advice on what to do at home to help the problem.


In Clifford’s Foot Clinic he will


  • Cut toenails
    • Remove Corns and Calluses
    • Help to treat verruccas


He’ll also treat sprains and general foot and ankle problems.


You’ll usually have your feet moisturised after the session and given advice on how to look after your feet.


Clifford offers a 15-minute free chat with no obligation so if you’d like to know more or book an appointment call the centre on 01394 388234

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