There are two types of Pelvic placement in Pilates:-


1.Neutral Spine



Neutral Spine is where the placement of the back on the floor, usually in a supine position, maintains the normal curve of the lower back. This position is best and most ideal for daily activity and when on our back doing Pilates. It provides us with stability and follows the backs natural shape with the slight curve in the lower back.


Imprinted Spine is used to lengthen the tail bone and gently tilt the pelvis up hence drawing the base of the rib cage and hip bones together. This position is used when the legs are off the ground and the lower spine is gently placed into the floor. We do not jam our spine into the floor at any point. Imprint ensures greater stabilisation for the abdominals.


Everyone’s spines are slightly different and it is essential to always ensure correct placement with no overuse of the other areas such as the Glutes to override the muscles to be used. The key is proper engagement of the core muscles.


By our Pilates Instructor, Louise Nightingale




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