Rose Essential Oil


This month is the anniversary of our Oil of the Month slot, so this month I would like to write about an extra special oil, Rose Oil.

Rose Oil is quite an expensive oil when you buy the pure version but to make it cost effective it is often bought pre-blended within a base oil.  Rose Oil has a beautiful strong, floral and sweet fragrance. It is wonderful for encouraging a return to balance, harmony and for stimulating a feeling of happiness.

Rose Oil can be used when supporting a person with depression or who is unhappy. It is also a very nurturing oil, especially when going through periods of grief or big emotional life-changes.

Rose Oil is often used in skin care and is particularly helpful for more mature skins; it can also be helpful for situations of acne, hormonal skin and rosacea. It is also considered to be quite a sensual oil and may increase the libido.

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