Scar Work


ScarWork is for any kind of scar old or new, caused by injury or surgery. It can help improve the appearance and the feel of scars as well as helping to reduce restrictions and discomfort

Pat Miller, massage therapist and reflexologist at the Centre, has spent the past year studying for a diploma in Body Realignment. As part of the diploma, Pat has trained in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, firstly with Sharon in 2014 and more recently with Jan Trewartha, Principal at Body in Harmony Training. ScarWork can be given as a stand-alone treatment or integrated with other modalities.

ScarWork is a very specialised, light touch therapy similar to massage but without using oils or creams, which helps to improve the quality and function of the tissues beneath the scar as well as the feel and appearance of the scar itself.

The emphasis of ScarWork is on changing the underlying tissues. Treatment starts with the surface layers and moves more deeply into the connective tissue (fascia) under the scar. Scar tissue is very dense fascia with unique properties. ScarWork seems to have the effect of changing the quality of this tissue, smoothing out lumps, ridges, gaps, knots and strings. Each scar is unique and the changes brought about vary from one scar to another and from one person to another.

Pat Miller’s fees are normally £45 per hour, £30 per ½ hour.

1st appointments must be 1 hour so that a medical history can be taken.

15 minute free chats are available if you wish to discuss your case with Pat at the Centre

Half price offer available until 31st March 2017

Call 01394 388234 to make an appointment or book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your scar first.


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