In a new monthly feature on the website yoga teacher Izzy Ixer talks us a through a different posture to help our yoga practice.


Chair, Utkatasana

If you are keen to maintain your Yoga practice during the summer when your regular classes have finished, then this posture is just the one. It combines strength in the legs, core strength, balance and focus in one, powerful posture.  Remember to work on the posture at a level that’s right for you and don’t try to go too far down into the squat.

Those of you who have experienced my Yoga Programmes at the Centre will recognise this posture and you may remember the set of variations we usually practice, which provide a great basis for a short and focused Yoga practice.


  • Strength
  • Concentration/focus
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Upper back mobility and strength
  • Focuses on lower energy centres (chakras)
  • Helps to ground you


How to do it

  • Ensure that your feet are well aligned, parallel and hips’  width apart
  • Breathe in as you raise your arms overhead
  • Breathe out as you move into the squat position
  • Breathe gently while you hold
  • Breathe in as you return to standing
  • Lower your arms


Things to watch

  • Keep your tail tucked in so that your lower back doesn’t hollow
  • Maintain good length in your upper back
  • Ensure your knees move forward over the feet and that your thighs remain parallel – this is important to protect your knees from strain
  • Don’t go down too far – start gently while you build strength in your legs
  • Maintain good control on the way down and on your return
  • Move gently and smoothly

If you’d like more info go to The British Wheel of Yoga Website – it’s the 8th posture on the list

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