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The therapists are back at the WCHC !!

August 06th, 2020

Look who is back this week at the Centre!


On Monday we had our Reflexologist Donna Walker back……


Tuesday, our Foot Care Practitioner, Clifford Bull was back, and so was one of our Acupuncturists, Ann Taylor!


Wednesday, our Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist, Louise Nightingale returned to the Centre, together with our Yoga Teacher, Izzy Ixer doing her outdoor yoga………


And today, Thursday, is another one of our Acupuncturists, Isabelle Wen, who is as busy as ever!


Lovely to see you all back, and looking forward to seeing our Osteopathy Therapist, Sharon Quilter and Hypnotherapist, Natalie Patten on Saturday!


Good luck everyone.






















































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