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Victoria’s oil for May – Eucalyptus Globulus

May 07th, 2019

Eucalyptus Globulus (the main strain of Eucalyptus used by aromatherapists) is a warming oil with antiseptic properties. The
smell can be quite medicinal and it is often used in treatment of
colds and bronchial imbalances. Eucalyptus is known to possess
antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungul properties, so is very
helpful in the treatment of illness and infection.
One of the easiest ways of using Eucalyptus is in a diffuser or with a
few drops on a hanky or on your pillow at night. Eucalyptus can be
used as a mouthwash to help combat bacteria in the upper
respiratory tract and mouth. Mix a few drops of oil in vodka or
water, swish around and then spit out. Use the oil in a diffuser if you
need help with mental exhaustion or sluggishness. It is nice to use
Eucalyptus in a diffuser or make a spray with water or vodka (vodka
helps to break up the oil particles better than water) to clear a room
after illness. Set the diffuser on or just spray the room with the
spray to help clear of any lingering germs or bugs.

Article by Victoria Lily

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