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Victoria’s oil for the month of March – Clary Sage

March 07th, 2019

Clary Sage has quite a strong earthy, perfumed smell. I use it during treatments to help balance female hormones and also for relaxation purposes as it is known to be a calming oil. I also use it for particularly anxious clients.



I didn’t know this until now, but Clary Sage is the main component of the Eau de Cologne, a simple perfume that originated in Cologne,Germany. So, an excellent perfume to wear if you have anxiety issues, and if you like the smell of the perfume!



Clary Sage can be used in a diffuser as well as massage to help with menstrual issues such as cramps and hot flushes. It can promote relaxation during childbirth and ease menopausal symptoms. Clary Sage is considered useful in treating headaches, back pain, muscle stiffness and cramps, it also helps to lower blood pressure by relaxing the arteries.


By Victoria Lily.




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