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Victoria’s Oil for the Month of April – Cinnamon

April 05th, 2018

I love Cinnamon.  I love it in cakes, biscuits, sprinkled in coffee, added to yogurt or porridge.   As a food, cinnamon is good for balancing our sugar levels.  I especially love to use it in my diffuser in the house.  I tend to use it in the spirit of Hygge (the Danish way of life/art of happiness) as I think Cinnamon makes you feel cosy and nurtured just by smelling it.

Cinnamon oil brings warming and relief to our body and gives creativity and inspiration to our mind.  It is spicy and pungent and restores the body’s ability to promote a healing response. Cinnamon Oil used topically, blended with a carrier oil helps in the restoration of tired or overworked muscles and joints.  Excellent for marathon runners or others who practice high energy sports.

So, whether you cook with the ground spice or cinnamon sticks or use it as an oil in your diffuser to create a sensuous and hygge atmosphere in your home, I highly recommend adding some cinnamon into your world.



By Victoria Lily

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