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What can Acupuncture do for you?

May 20th, 2024

Quite a lot actually.  Most people associate acupuncture with pain relief, though it can be used to treat a whole range of conditions because of the way that it works. Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture takes a look at the whole person, so you will be asked about your health & lifestyle as a background to the symptoms that you are experiencing.


The aim of TCM Acupuncture is to re-balance the whole being, so there are many benefits to be gained.  Typically feeling more relaxed, ability to deal with stress, being able to sleep better can all be experienced through a course of acupuncture.


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and TCM Acupuncture works on both a physical and emotional level, since one affects the other, a factor which is becoming more acknowledged now in mainstream healthcare.   So, whatever you are experiencing, acupuncture could help to make that shift for you.


As an acupuncturist, I have treated many conditions over the last 15 years.  For example, this week I have treated the following:


Neck pain     Hay fever     Digestive issues     Lack of energy     Tennis elbow

Anxiety & Depression     General health & wellbeing     Eye health     Knee pain

Hormonal balance     Tension & stress     Fertility     Back pain     Skin issues


It is not necessary to have a medical diagnosis in order to receive acupuncture, since we look at the presenting symptoms in terms of TCM patterns and treat accordingly.  I once treated a patient for knee pain and her chronic constipation (which she had forgotten to mention) also cleared up in the process.  You never know where treatment may take you due to its holistic approach!


So, if you would like to feel better, why not give it a try?


Appointments can be booked at reception with me, Helen Riddington, Acupuncturist or you can contact me on 07724 169106 or enquiries@acusattva.co.uk     www.acusattva.co.uk

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